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We promote and advocate Maya Angelou’s life and advocacy through public forums, writing, poetry, history workshops, and creative arts competitions.

We seek to partner with schools throughout the state of Arkansas communities, and other nonprofit organizations with a special emphasis on the Arkansas Delta regions.


We feel it is critical to enhance Arkansans’ knowledge of their native daughter Maya Angelou by sharing information about her half-century of works.

We will help preserve and promote this legend by teaching the history of our literary icon Maya Angelou, through humanities and arts into the Arkansas schools and communities.

The Project was founded by a small, diverse group of women - artists, educators, historians, religious leaders and public program managers—all, working toward changing lives and futures in Arkansas, and most particularly, in the Arkansas Delta region.

Realizing that Maya Angelou is one of Arkansas and America’s most renowned poets, teachers and authors, and a daughter of the Arkansas Delta, the group agreed that it was important that we take Maya Angelou’s life messages into the schools and the communities to help youth see themselves in her. As she chronicled in, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” her childhood was rife with racial and social challenges. Yet, in spite of it all, she ‘rose,’ beyond her surroundings. The children of the Arkansas Delta must do no less.

Our first ‘Celebration of Maya Angelou’s life and legacy was held in Stamps, Arkansas – the place she called home during much of her childhood. In partnership with the city of Stamps, Arkansas and the Celebrate! Maya Project, the first and only recognition of her life and her passing was held at the Lafayette County High School on October 18, 2015. The Celebration was co-chaired by Stamps Mayor David Bright and Celebrate! Maya President Janis F. Kearney.

In January 2015, the group became a certified exempt non-profit organization

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